As I pry the nights tendrils from my vision and watch the sun struggle to rise,

As I listen to the birds singing and hear the world move in space and time.

There’s a shift in my perception, my slumbering consciousness waking from dreams.

I survey the metaphysical landscape and reality ain’t what it seems.


I blink away the odyssey, and punish this brain for reason and thought.

Trying to rationalise this experience from what I’ve learned before.

Reaching, fumbling, struggling for grasp. A child in a grown up place.

Evading an explanation, it resists existence and refuses to form a face.


The scars of my flesh begin to itch, my emotional scars do too.

What is this alarming stinging, this torture of mind and skin.

Emotions, throw themselves at me in banshee wails while flailing.

Shouting, screaming, beating, accusing, mournfully wailing.


Suddenly I prise open my lids for vision and struggle to rise.

I hear the birds singing. The alarm screams out the time.

I shift my position as I awake from a dream.

Realising, not everything is what it seems.


A poem by Miriam Said.


About miriamsaid

I meddle in everything and I sprout ponds of awesomness. I throw pebbles in ponds and make ripples. I am eclectic and surreal with a bit of randomness thrown in for good measure. I giggle a lot.
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2 Responses to Perception

  1. Sue Carney says:


    Your poem expresses a real sense of anguish at the moment of awakening you describe. This touched me, because I wake feeling like that sometimes too. I love the description of the ‘nights tendrils’ and your mention of a ‘child in a grown up place’ made me smile. I feel like that most days and find myself hoping that no-one will notice.

    I hope your anguished feelings don’t last all day. You usually sound so effervescent and full of life.

    Great poem!

  2. Miriam Said says:

    Thank you Sue.

    This poem came about during a frequent bout of insomnia.

    Sometimes I miss having awesome dream adventures when I can’t sleep and then I was reminded about all of those nightmares I’ve had in the past.

    Perception doesn’t just cover the dreams we have, it also tries to encapsulate the feelings and experiences we also have in our waking moments and questions what our reality is all about.

    It can also encompass those feelings of someone suffering from a mental illness or depression, which many akin to waking from a bad dream when they are free from their episode of depression.

    Perception, is it a poem about bad dreams, bad life experiences or coming out from a bout of depression, or something else, something more spiritual?

    Only your sense of perception can decide.

    Thank you for commenting Sue, I really appreciate the feed back.

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