A Penguin That Helps To Solve The Coldest Of Cold Cases

How can a penguin help to solve a cold case? I hear you ask….well…..

For those of you that like to paddle in the Twitter pond, you will know that my avatar is a penguin and I am often refered to as Lil’ Penguin.

I often display the traits of a real penguin. They are hardy, strong and dedicated animals, who protect their young and commit to a relationship with a mate for life.

I often tweet that I am going off on a mission and I quite literally am.

My missions at the moment, involve helping to solve Murder Cold Cases.

A Cold Case is an investigation into a crime that the Police, (in which ever country they may be in), have exhausted all of their current avenues of investigation and have no more leads that may solve the crime in question.

Cold Cases often go back many years into the past when there were no DNA techniques to help solve crimes and evidence gathering was not the same as it is today.

When this happens, there is a heroic service dubbed, The Cold Case Squad, who open up cold cases and investigate them, often using modern techniques and also revisiting the scene of the crime and interviewing original witnesses where possible.

I am currently involved in helping to solve cold cases with @Vidocq_CC who has  an excellent blog at http://www.defrostingcoldcases.com/

There is also the Blog of Joseph Giacalone at http://www.coldcasesquad.com/

Both of them are usually involved in a cold case live chat tweet on Fridays on the hashtag #cclivechat .

Come and join us to see how awesome these guys really are. (Normally at 13:00 USA time, which works out about tea time in UK).

Both are blogs regarding the cold cases are mainly American, but they do look at international cold cases and both Joe and Vidocq, (The Vidster), are really excellent to work with.

Up to now I have helped in seven cold cases. Some of them are serial killers cases, others are murders that haven’t been solved yet and also some missing persons cases that have gone cold. I will be helping in many more.

I am currently working on three ongoing investigations, Egg Harbour, Gilgo Beach and Karen Caughlin.

Egg Harbour is a cold case in New Jersey, USA. (Serial Killer Case).

Karen Caughlin is a Canadian cold case. (A 14 year old girl murdered in 1974).

Gilgo Beach is in Long Island in New York, USA. (Serial Killer Case).

You may have seen the Gilgo Beach or Long Island serial killer murder investigation in the news recently.

Some of the stories are heart breaking, others are gruesome and some lead to avenues that are twisting and turning.

We would very much appreciate your help in solving these cold cases and if you do want to get involved, but don’t know where to begin or how strong your constitution is, I suggest you start by dropping in on the Twitter live chats on a Friday or regularly visiting the Defrosting Cold Cases Blog for updates and information on the cases we are currently looking at.

Why do I help in solving cold cases??

 There are a lot of reasons, but the main one is a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that I have at least tried to help, even if it is in a seemingly small and insignificant way. My brain is also put into full thinking mode and when my thoughts or ideas are passed on to the Police on the beat to assist them in their investigation, that fills me with a certain glow. There is also the human aspect of helping to solve such cases, because behind every death there is a family or loved one grieving and suffering. I like to think that I am helping to end that pain in some small way

So why not join us and help, you could become a real hero and  that would truly be awesome.

My definition of a real hero:

A true hero works secretly, not in a blaze of glory for all to see, but in gentle ripples of satisfaction knowing he truly made a difference.


About miriamsaid

I meddle in everything and I sprout ponds of awesomness. I throw pebbles in ponds and make ripples. I am eclectic and surreal with a bit of randomness thrown in for good measure. I giggle a lot.
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5 Responses to A Penguin That Helps To Solve The Coldest Of Cold Cases

  1. Joe says:

    Hi Miriam,
    I am so glad you are posting on your blog. I enjoy your insight and enthusiasm in the most difficult investigations. Your persistence and determination are exactly what is needed to solve these cases. I am going to add you to my blogroll and look forward to collaborating with you.

  2. Vidocq says:

    Lil’ Pinguin,

    Glad to have you on board! I am glad to have your input, your brainstorming and comments, and those comments on DCC have led to others.

    Being able to help, to finally answer families’ questions … priceless!

    See you around the blogs or Friday at #cclivechat. Recaps of every chat are posted on DCC, see http://www.defrostingcoldcases.com/category/coldcaselivechatontwitter

    Thanks again, Vidster

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  4. Michelle Hynes Legaleaglemhm says:

    Lil Penguin

    Brilliant post and a great cause too.
    Good luck with your cases and If I can help in any way you just need to holler: us eagles have excellent hearing.

    Michelle Hynes

  5. Susan says:

    I want to be you when I grow up. WOW.

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