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A Penguins Ponderings: Why Do People Hate Lawyers?

Why Do People Hate Lawyers? This is a question I have asked on Twitter and in real life, because I can’t quite understand why people say they hate Lawyers.  So why do people say they hate Lawyers? Let us first … Continue reading

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A Penguin That Helps To Solve The Coldest Of Cold Cases

How can a penguin help to solve a cold case? I hear you ask….well….. For those of you that like to paddle in the Twitter pond, you will know that my avatar is a penguin and I am often refered … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Awesome

Let The Awesome Begin. Hello every one. I’m just learning about how to blog and would appreciate your patience until I become familiar with Word Press and all of it’s glorious tools. You can find me in the pond that … Continue reading

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